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Healthy Plant-Based Style: Meet Alternative Fashion

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The truth is out. The mainstream clothes we buy are made with hazardous chemicals and synthetic materials, polluting our earth and exposing us to harmful toxins. But, there’s good news. Just as alternative health brought in a holistic perspective to medicine and food, Alternative Fashion is bringing plant-based healthy fashion to one of the most polluting industries in the world.

Plant-based fashion? Yes, you read that right.  It may sound far-fetched with the rampant use of animal-based products and synthetic fabrics in the fashion industry (in fact, many slow fashion brands rely on leather and other animal by-products to ensure their products are long-lasting); however, the production of plant-based fashion is slowly gaining ground.  Alternative Fashion founder Alyssa Couture calls this plant-tech, which she defines as “new and advanced materials made from plants, that can perform equivalently or are substantially more advanced to animal and synthetic products.” Couture hopes plant-tech will continue to evolve in the industry and is working to advance the use of plant-tech in her own collections.

Alternative Fashion uses all-natural plant-based fibers, including many organic-certified materials; Couture mainly uses linen, hemp and and cotton for her collections, but also incorporates tencel and lyocell.  The collections are produced with plant-based or low-impact dyes and the brand has the goal to use 100% plant-based dyes in the near future to ensure that all of Alternative Fashion’s products are biodegradable.

Plant-based fibers and dyes are undoubtedly healthier for us and the earth. But, truly sustainable fashion must look great too for the concept to gain mass appeal – and that’s what makes Alternative Fashion stand out. Couture is focused on the aesthetics of her collections as well, designing for the modern, stylish and free-spirited woman. Alternative Fashion is as focused on being sustainable as they are on being trend-driven and stylish, and their mantra of Feel + Look Beautiful perfectly epitomizes this. To give you a glimpse at Alternative Fashion’s designs, take a look below at my favorite looks!


Loving this easy, breezy piece for summer! With the airy fabric and cutouts, this piece is perfect to keep cool through the heat.


For a more chic, edgy look that’s no less breathable, I’m really adoring this all white ensemble!


Think sustainable fashion can only mean boho hippie style? Myth busted. This sharp, sleek look is as chic as it is eco-conscious!


I like to think of a Little White Dress as the LBD for summer – simple enough to slip on in seconds, but beautiful and comfortable enough to wear all day long. An absolute essential for a warm-weather capsule wardrobe.


Photos by Matthew Lomanno

More About the Brand

Launched in Spring of 2015 by Owner/Designer Alyssa Couture, Alternative Fashion is an eco chic womenswear brand for the modern women. We produce high fashion collections that are both comfortable and stylish. Our mantra is “Feel + Look Beautiful”. Alternative fashion is Eco /Sustainable /Organic /Natural /Ethical. We manufacture an eco conscious product, aligned with honoring our earth and ourselves. We use eco, and sustainable fabrics, all natural plant-based fibers, plant-based and low-impact dyes. Visit and shop at:

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