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12 Simple Resolutions For A More Sustainable Year

A new year often brings inspiration to form ambitious resolutions for a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. The commitment to move towards a sustainable lifestyle can touch on all of these themes, but it can be quite a daunting task. As with any other goal, though, breaking this resolution down into specific, attainable, actions is the best bet for success. That’s why this year I’m making 12 simple action-oriented steps that I can feasibly achieve (and that you can too!). Here are some ideas that I’ll be implementing or will…

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A Conscious Guide To Packing For Travel

  Travel can be a gratifying, eye-opening experience… yet packing for travel can cause stress and create an unnecessary amount of waste. Well, sustainably minded explorers, I’m happy to share that there’s a conscious clothing line to alleviate that pre-travel headache: One For The Road. The brand designs their high-quality products with longevity in mind, making durable products so you really only need one for the road. They’ve designed their products with durable natural fibers and natural dyes to ensure their pieces make it through wear after wear. And, you…

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Traveling Like a Minimalist: Packing Light for Long Trips

Confession time:  I don’t exactly have a track record of packing light.  In fact, I’m quite a heavy packer, as I’m reminded every trip when I’m weighed down by my loads of luggage I drag around. So you can imagine my slight (okay, major) panic attack when I discovered that I could only bring one suitcase for my four month long trip abroad (!!!) After the initial shock wore off, though, I was able to list, strategize, and edit. And edit. And edit again. Someway, somehow I managed to cram 16 weeks worth of clothing, beauty…

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